Social Studies-6

This series from class 1 to 8 takes the child ‘Social Studies’ on an interesting textual
journey around the world to make him/her aware of various regions
and people with their distinct customs and traditions. The lucid
content of the series stimulates the child to understand the text
more effectively.

English Edge-6

The English Edge is a multi-Skills course deeply grounded in learning through experience that seeks to inculcate a sound knowledge of English language. It follows a completely learner -centric approach and includes the most effective principles of language acquisition.

Art and Craft

Creation is a series on Art and craft from Pre primary till middle school ie: class 8 it invigorates a creative penchant in children. It has a plethora of enjoyable activities like origami, use of paper and natural objects like leaves, petals that aim to make children deft in using fingers for cutting, pasting, folding etc.It masters their skills that can be used widely in future.

Bhasha Ratna-6

Bhasha Ratna Series

Bhasha Ratna is a well structured and student-friendly series containing 8 books for children of classes 1 to 8. Each book of this series is lucid and colourfully illustrated that will enhance the learning capability of children. The aim of this series is to make a strong base of the Hindi language. Sufficient exercises are given in each book that provide sufficient material to practice more and gain indepth knowledge of the subject.

Moral Values-6

Moral Values Series

Education helps in development of knowledge, personality and talent. But it always seems incomplete without moral values. To develop a humane nature and a sense of judgement moral education is indispensable for human beings. Hence, the mission of Halo Series Moral Values is to develop one’s capacity to hear the voice of the self, which is always pure and divine. The series has a set of 8 books for classes 1 to 8 that describes the importance of moral values like gratitude, sharing, obedience, compassion, respect, etc.
Attractive illustrations help the children to be more familiar with the lessons. Lucid language used in the these series helps children to feel the impact of morality from their heart. The series provides various dimensions of virtues and the child would be able to relate it to every aspect of his life.

General Knowledge-6

General Knowledge Series

Halo Series General Knowledge, is a complete set of eight books for classes 1 to 8. It is a known fact that education is endless. To expand the area of knowledge, this series helps children to explore the world around them. General Knowledge is a gateway for children to enter in the world of knowledge. Each book contains separate sections like nature, sports, culture, etc. This series contains a wholesome assortment of co-scholastic material that is also supportive to all types of curricula prescribed by various Education Boards all over India.