Company Highlights

The company is promoted by the people who have given a greater part of their life in the service of the school education industry. With more than 3 decades of experience in providing service to the educational system by the promoters, this company is poised to enable e-learning both offline and online coupled with the conventional print media.
For achieving this, the company is providing educational material in e-format with the books as well as web support through its 'e-connect' portal. The entire system connects the students, teachers, parents and the school.

Our Values

At Seagull, quality work, dedication to strong excellence, independent research, business relations and ethical practices are but a few domains of our value system. What energises our values is a deep commitment to our vision that defines the base of our existence.

Our Mission

Like the seagull, company aims at soaring high above adversities. As the e-learning format has already started capturing its space in the hearts and minds of young learners, Seagull's mission is to promote the same parallel with the text books and flourish in the e-learning field as well.



Our Vision

Seagulls are the birds which are resourceful, inquisitive and intelligent, demonstrating complex methods of communication and a highly developed social structure. These amazing qualities symbolize the strength of the company. Company's vision is to provide wholesome education using print and e-media to nurture quality minds for the country's human resource.

Managment Team

Shri Arvind Singh


Himanshu Singh

Chief Consultant (Operations)