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List of books

No.Book TitleBrief Description
1General Knowledge-1Introduces a range of subjects to broaden general knowledge for 1st grade students.
2General Knowledge-2A 2nd-grade level book to expand students’ general knowledge across various topics.
3General Knowledge-3Broadens the scope of general knowledge for 3rd grade students.
4General Knowledge-4A 4th-grade level book for enhancing students’ general knowledge.
5General Knowledge-5Aims to expand general knowledge for 5th-grade students.
6General Knowledge-6A comprehensive general knowledge book designed for 6th-grade students.
7General Knowledge-7Expands the horizons of general knowledge for 7th-grade students.
8General Knowledge-8A detailed general knowledge book for 8th-grade students.
9Moral Values-1Introduces basic moral values and ethics suitable for 1st-grade students.
10Moral Values-2A 2nd-grade book teaching essential moral values and ethical principles.
11Moral Values-3Teaches key moral values and ethics to 3rd-grade students.
12Moral Values-4A 4th-grade level book discussing fundamental moral values.
13Moral Values-5A 5th-grade book designed to teach moral values.
14Moral Values-6Detailed coverage of various moral values and ethics for 6th-grade students.
15Bhasha Ratna-1A beginner-level book teaching the fundamentals of the Hindi language.
16Bhasha Ratna-2A 2nd-grade book for improving Hindi language skills.
17Bhasha Ratna-3Designed to enhance Hindi language proficiency for 3rd-grade students.
18Bhasha Ratna-4A 4th-grade level book to refine Hindi language skills.
19Bhasha Ratna-5A 5th-grade Hindi language book for refining vocabulary and grammar.
20Bhasha Ratna-6A comprehensive Hindi language book for 6th-grade students.
21School Maths-1A 1st-grade book introducing basic mathematical concepts.
22School Maths-2A 2nd-grade book to develop mathematical skills and logic.
23School Maths-3Provides in-depth coverage of math topics for 3rd-grade students.
24School Maths-4A 4th-grade level book for refining mathematical skills.
25School Maths-5A detailed math book for 5th-grade students covering more complex topics.
26Toddler’s Writing Book MathsA beginner’s book to introduce basic math and writing skills for toddlers.
27Toddler’s Writing Book EnglishA starter book to introduce toddlers to basic English writing skills.
28Toddler’s Writing Book HindiA beginner’s book designed to teach basic Hindi writing skills to toddlers.
29Bhasha Ratna-7An advanced Hindi language book for 7th-grade students to refine their language skills.
B7 Front8 1
Segull General Knowledge Book Book8
Segull General Knowledge Book Book3
Segull General Knowledge Book Book3
Segull General Knowledge Book Book 1
Moral Values Front B31
Moral Values Front B61
Bhasha Ratan Front 61
Moral Values Front B21
Moral Values Front B11
Moral Values Front B41
Bhasha Ratan Front 51
Bhasha Ratan Front 41
Bhasha Ratan Front 31
Maths Front B51
Maths Front B41
Maths Front B11
Maths Front B21